You need a Smart Indoor Garden

What is Smart Garden

A vegetable or herb garden that is controlled by computer. Although farming and gardening have been enhanced with computers and electronic devices for decades, the smart garden often refers to small, indoor units that by various means determine when to alert the user to add nutrients.

How do smart gardens work?

Smart garden indoor gardening systems are designed for ease of use indoors in small spaces, without messy soil. Seeds are located inside biodegradable, nutrient plant pods that just pop into the unit. The unit is then plugged in and connected to your Wi-Fi, and the water reservoir is filled.

What can you grow in a smart garden?

Explore New Plants: Choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods for your herb garden like cilantro, basil, lavender, wild strawberries, thyme, and even chili peppers. Grow Anything and Everything: Try the seedless plant pods and give your indoor garden kit the power to grow whatever you like. No green thumb needed!

Are herb gardens worth it?

It’s still well worth growing your own herbs and veggies to save money and have tastier produce at your fingertips. However, some small-scale food crops are easier to grow than others, which is why we collected this list of the best herbs and vegetables to grow at home if you can.

What is the best indoor herb garden?

  • Best Overall: Click and Grow Smart Garden 3.
  • Best Value: Planter’s Choice 9 Herb Window Garden.
  • Best for Budding Gardeners: Peach Tree Farm Indoor Herb Garden Kit.
  • Best for Seasoned Gardeners: Lettuce Grow 12-Plant Farmstand.
  • Most Convenient: AeroGarden Harvest Elite.

What vegetables grow indoors in winter?

8 Indoor Crops for Winter Gardening

  • Herbs. Basil, oregano, sage, lavender, mint, thyme, rosemary, dill, and other herbs are among the easiest edibles to grow indoors. …
  • Greens. …
  • Cherry Tomatoes. …
  • Chili Peppers. …
  • Citrus. …
  • Baby Ginger. …
  • Sprouts. …
  • Microgreens.

single tomato plant can produce 200 tomatoes in a season

Can you grow vegetables indoors all year round?

Don’t let the weather, or limited outdoor garden space, keep you from harvesting fresh herbs and veggies yearround. With the right amount of light, you can grow your own herbs, leafy greens, and small fruits indoors — even in small spaces. … With the right amount of light, you can grow some types of edibles indoors.

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