Phone Sterilizer Box

Everyone need this Phone Sterilizer box !

Scientists at the University of Arizona found that your phone is ten times dirtier than most toilet seats. Gross! Here are other items that are dirtier than a toilet seat. Another study also found that a typical high schooler’s smartphone can have as many as 17,000 bacterial gene copies on it.

UV radiation is widely used in industrial processes and in medical and dental practices for a variety of purposes, such as killing bacteria, creating fluorescent effects, curing inks and resins, phototherapy and suntanning. Different UV wavelengths and intensities are used for different purposes.

Can coronavirus live on your mobile phone?

Early studies showed that RNA of the novel coronavirus may be able to survive on some surfaces — including your beloved phone — for nine days or even longer, but so far there’s insufficient evidence to determine if the virus can infect you after that amount of time.

So, What is the Solution? You can use this box to disinfect your phone and other small object like watch, mask, toothbrush etc.

Bakeey DS01 Multifunction Double UV Phone Watch Disinfection Sterilizer Box Face Mask Jewelry Cleaner with Aromatherapy

.Large sterilized space UV sterilizer is compatible with mobile phones under 6.5 inches.

                CHECK PRICE

Bakeey DS01 Multifunction Double UV Phone Watch Disinfection Sterilizer

Rated Voltage: DC 5V
Input Current: 1-2A
UV Light Power: 2x 1W
Max. Working Power: 9W
Material: Plastic + Electronic Components
Color: White
Phone Sterilizer Box


  • Ultraviolet sterilizer-This sterilizer uses bacteria to sterilize UV target lights in hard-to-reach areas, eliminating bacteria and up to 99.9% of bacteria. Press the cleaning switch to keep the indicator light green to start disinfection; the machine will automatically stop after running for 3 minutes after the end of cleaning.
  • Large sterilized space UV sterilizer is compatible with mobile phones under 6.5 inches. Ideal-for iPod, mp3 player, bluetooth headset, toothbrush, watch, toy, pacifier, glasses, key, jewelry and any other small items.
  • Portable Sterilizer-Our phone sterilizers are stylish, ergonomic and compact design, so you can take them with you wherever you are. In particular, this mobile phone sterilizer is powered by a laptop desktop mobile power USB charger, and you can use your phone case to sterilize your phone, whether on the go or on the go.
  • Choice of Gifts-Packed in a stylish box, it is the ideal gift for bacterial phobia and an essential gadget for anyone who cares about hygiene. It’s also the perfect gift for bacterial phobia in your life. Best holiday Christmas gifts for fathers, family and fathers friends.

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