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Breakfast is average and extra beds are available. This room type can sleep up to 3 adults. In addition to the casino on the first floor, it is suitable for children. The hotel is located in the city center. It only takes 5-10 minutes to walk to the water dance, and the parking lot is free for one hour. And then $ 8 for an hour!


Flare Review

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Fine Food Cuisine

The in room dining services is professional and tasty. The 40 credit for hotel expenses is real! The more dates u checked in the more the credits to use. Staff are all very nice.

The Best Experience Ever

"There are many options for eating, especially fruit salad, I like it! The hotel is beautiful, convenient, and a great option for taking kids on vacation. The girl at the front desk is very welcoming and very beautiful."
Chris Jones
Travel Blogger

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